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DV-Power Micro Ohmeters RMO-H Series

DV-Power Micro Ohmeters RMO-H Series
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Portable Lightweight Battery Operated Micro Ohmmeters 100 to 330A
First handheld micro ohmmeter (only 0,95 kg / 2.1 lbs) which generates regulated DC current up to 300A!

The RMO-H micro ohmmeters are ideal for a number of applications for contact resistance measurements of non-inductive test objects. Typical applications are testing a circuit breakers and disconnecting switches, high-current bus bar joints, cable splices, welding joints, etc.

RMO-H series consists of three models:

  •    RMO-H1 (up to 100 A DC)
  •    RMO-H2 (up to 220 A DC)
  •    RMO-H3 (up to 300 A DC)

 Regulated, user selectable test current

 RMO-H3 generates up to 300 A DC (ripple-free) test current, user selectable, generated in an automatic   regulated test ramp. This revolution in handheld micro ohmmeters technology is enabled by use of Li-Po   batteries.

 Advanced measurement capabilities

  •    Measuring range: 0,1 μΩ – 6000 mΩ
  •    Resolution: 0,1 μΩ
  •    Typical accuracy: ± (0,1 % rdg + 0,1 % FS) up to 1Ω range

 Ideal for field & factory testing

  •    Handheld, only 0,95 kg (2.1 lbs) weight
  •    IP54 mechanical protection rating
  •    Designed to make multiple measurements and full day’s work of testing without a battery recharge
  •    Safe testing in Both Sides Grounded (BSG) conditions

Included in the standard price are the advanced DV-Win application software system which are bluetooth communication, protective transport case, ground cable and battery charger. Additional advantage, the RMO-H battery can be charged with regular car charger which is part of optional accessories.

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