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Baur PD-SGS Handheld Online PD Detector

The BAUR handheld online PD detector PD-SGS is used to conduct rapid initial tests
for PD activities on live switchgear. Potential weak points are immediately signalled
acoustically and numerically. The user is also provided with recommendations for
how to deal with the switchgear under test by means of a traffic light system. This
makes it possible to quickly evaluate the condition of the entire substation in order
to use the measurement results to effectively plan cost-efficient further investigations
or immediate maintenance.
The integrated capacitive TEV and acoustic sensors in the PD-SGS rapidly and reliably
identify both the internal high-frequency switchgear partial discharges and the
partial discharges of the surfaces which arise as a result of tracking on the surfaces,
or due to corona discharges. The BAUR handheld detector has a connector for a
parabolic aerial for examining difficult-to-reach system components.
As safety equipment for daily use, the PD-SGS is used by test personnel to conduct
a quick safety check to determine whether the work area around the switchgear is


Partial Discharge Testing


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