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Baur Frida / Frida Tan Delta VLF Test Set 26kVrms

VLF Cable Test Set - Baur Frida

The VLF testing makes it possible to locate insulation faults in plastic- and paper insulated
mass-impregnated cables in the shortest of testing times without impairing the quality of the surrounding insulating material.
The dissipation factor diagnostics with 0.1 Hz VLF truesinus® provides differentiated
information on the ageing condition of paper-insulated mass-impregnated and PE/
XLPE cables. In the case of PE/XLPE cables, the dissipation factor measurement is
capable of differentiating between new, slightly or severely “water tree”-damaged
cables. This makes it possible to prioritise the need to replace cables.
The Monitored Withstand Test with tan δ combines the cable testing and
dissipation factor measurement, allowing an accurate and comprehensive assessment
of the cable condition. In addition, there is minimum load on the cable due to the
optimised test duration.

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