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Solar PV Installation Testing

Test Equipment for Installation and Periodic Testing of Solar PV Installations to ensure electrical safety and system performance. Tests include - open circuit voltage, short circuit current, insulation resistance test and irradiance measurement

Seaward Solar PV200 kit

Seaward PV200 Solar PV Installation Kit

Seaward PV200 Solar I-V Curve Tracing Photovoltaic Installation Test Kit with PV200 Installation Tester, 200R Irradiance Meter, DC Clamp and SolarCert Solftware.
Sonel PVM-1020 Solar PV Tester

Sonel PVM-1020 Solar PV Installation Tester

The new PVM-1020 Solar Tester from Sonel is a compact unit for testing Open Circuit Voltage and Insulation to 1000V and Short Circuit Current to 20A. With BLuetooth and easy data transfer to Sonel software for producing reports.
Flir CM65 Solar Clamp Meter

FLIR CM65 True RMS 600 A Solar Clamp Meter

The CM65 clamp meter is designed for solar installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting professionals. Photovoltaic (PV) installers can trust this rugged solar clamp meter to accelerate and simplify PV panel testing at new and existing sites.
Seaward Solarcert Software

SolarCert Reporting Software

SolarCert Reporting Software from Seaward offers users a thorough Checklist and Reporting function for your business and clients.


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