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Baur Syscompact Cable Fault Location System
fault location system for pre-location and pinpointing of high-resistive, low-resistive and intermittent faults on low- and medium-voltage cables.
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Sysc 3000 ohne Fgestell-9
Sonel MIC10k1 Insulation Resistance Tester
Insulation resistance measurement to 40 TΩ
PI, DAR, Step Voltage, Burn and DD modes.
Display graphs the results during the test for easy visual determination of issues. Read More

Featured Products

Sonel PQM-703 Class A Power Quality Analyzer
PQM- 703 is a technically advanced product that allows for comprehensive measurements of  the quality of electrical supply, analysis and recording of power network parameters. Read More

DV-Power RMO-H Handheld Micro-Ohmmeter
3 Models 100A, 220A, 300A
The RMO-H micro ohmmeters are ideal for a number of applications for contact resistance measurements of non-inductive test objects. Typical applications are testing a circuit breakers and disconnecting switches, high-current bus bar joints, cable splices, welding joints, etc. Read More

Featured Products

Flir T500 Series Infrared Camera
Troubleshoot hotspots, find hidden faults, and confirm repairs quickly with the ergonomic, high-resolution FLIR T500 range of cameras. Featyres a bright 4" LCD and a 180° rotating lens platform,
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NDB VCI-3 Cable Identification System
The VCI-3 uses a current injection technology. The current is injected through the wire conductors by magnetic transducers. Grounding is required at one or two of the three-phase circuit ends, which can stay in place during the intervention to ensure maximum operator safety. The detector’s unique tone sensing system guarantees flawless and safe identification and tagging. The VCI-3 is a compact device that is very easy to use.
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VCI-3 and accessories side view

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