• FLIR Thermal Imaging cameras

    Extensive range of Thermal Imaging Cameras for Preventative Maintenance

  • FLIR Guidebook for Selecting a Thermal Imaging Camera

    Everything you need to know about buying an infrared camera technology, i.e. parameters and features which suit your application

  • Seaward PV200 Solar PV Tester

    All-In-One Commissioning Tests and I-V Curve Tracing

  • Vivax-Metrotech vLoc3 Cable & Pipe Locator

    Fast & Easy Location of Underground Services

  • DV-POWER Micro ohmmeter RMO-H Series

    Portable Lightweight Battery Operated Micro Ohmmeters 100 to 300A

  • Sonel MPI-540 Multifunction Tester

    Everything you need to test for electrical safety in one box. Includes a powerful 3 phase power analyser

  • NDB - Network Phasing System

    Positively Identify any phase at any distance from the reference module.

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