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Voltage Testers

Non Contact and Contact type Voltage detectors and testers are used extensively in the electrical industry for detecting and verifying the presence of live circuits. 

Flir VT8-1000 Fork Voltage Tester Open Jaw

Flir Open Jaw VT8-1000 Clamp

The FLIR VT8-Series are high-quality voltage, continuity, and current testers. They feature an optimized, open-jaw design that can fit into tight spaces and reliably measure large-diameter cables
Flir VP52-2 Voltage Tester

Flir VP52-2 Voltage Tester

The FLIR VP52-2 is a durable, CAT IV-rated non-contact voltage detector featuring light, vibration, and beeper feedback alarms and a powerful LED flashlight.
Sonel P5 Voltage Tester 2 pole

Sonel P-5 Two-pole Voltage Tester CATIV

Sonel P-5 Two-pole Voltage Tester CATIV Waterproof IP65 is a premium voltage tester for single pole and pole to pole voltage measurements, continuity and phase test.


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