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IKM TC65 Temperature Calibrator for 30°C to 650°C

TC 65 has temperature range from -30 to 650 degrees, resolution of 0.1 degree, well depth of 155mm and well diameter of 26mm (can be modified).

Moreover, the TC 65 calibrator will work up to 3 years before its re-calibration.
The TC 65 temperature calibrator has one of the most accurate and stable readings (0.1°C stability, 1.5°C accuracy), generating true temperature reference.

For temperature devices, IKM Marine Test Case can calibrate thermocouples, thermistors, resistance temperature detector (RTD), pyrometer, langmuir probes (for electron temperature of a plasma), infrared thermometer, other thermometers. For pressure devices, IKM Marine Test Case can calibrate manometers, elastic pressure gauges (Bourdon tube, diaphram, capsule types), and electronic/electrical pressure transducers

Calibration (Temperature & Pressure)


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