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Ofil micROM HD Drone / UAV Mounted Corona Camera

Drone Mount Corona Camera for Fast Powerline and Substation Inspection

micROMHD is the first micro HD camera with dual sensors: Solar Blind UV and visible light and is, therefore, capable of detecting and imaging corona in daylight.

The camera offers on-board recording in real time of both UVc radiation and the radiating sources, providing a means to pinpoint faults and investigate corona partial discharge.

With its DayCor® camera core and special filters, micROM enables focusing on corona while reducing distracting noise. Interfaces to GPS, temperature and humidity sensors enable adding specific data embedded in the recordings.

micROMHD is easy to integrate using a supplied set of commands that control all camera functions. The HD imaging serves well the need for detailed clear views of remote/high specific elements and of installations.

micROMHD is offered both as a camera core that fits well into a wide range of gimbals and as a block camera for most small UAVs with optional customizing.


  • Set for high speed inspection
  • Auto focus of the UV and Visible channels
  • Digital video output
  • Bi-Spectral solar blind UV-Visible
  • High performance that matches flight conditions
  • Accurately pinpoints sources of: audio noise, radio/TV interference, micro arcing, corona and arcing
  • UV events counting
  • Rigid and enduring encapsulation
  • Fit for most UAS
  • Plug & Play integration
  • HD Video onboard recording and transmission
  • Wide field of view
  • Optical & digital zoom
  • Light weight and small dimensions
  • Low power consumption
  • UV noise reduction
  • Ambient conditions & GPS data embedded


  • Maximize flight duration, speed & flexibility
  • See more get more. Never miss a corona event
  • Easily integrate with your UAV
  • Manage time efficiently get information in real time on the move
  • Increase safety and productivity see remote see clear
  • HD video and powerful zoom let you observe fine details such as installation identifiers
  • Onboard recording ensures getting clear videos in areas that suffer radio intereferences
  • Match your dimensions

Corona Cameras


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