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Flir DM284 Thermal Imaging Multimeter

Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM) enables you to scan panels, connectors, and wires without requiring any direct contact — so you can do your job from a safe distance. Once you find an issue with IGM, the DM284 can verify and confirm findings with advanced contact measurement features to help solve the most complex electrical issues. Ideal for field electronics, commercial electric, light industrial, field service, and HVAC work.

Pinpoint problems quickly and safely with IGM
Find more work by visually identifying electrical issues
• See exactly where to measure with the 160x120-resolution FLIR thermal imager
• All-in-one tool – carry just one device and always have access to thermal imaging
• Scan a panel or cabinet for hazards using IGM without direct contact

Troubleshoot challenging problems with ease
Verify electrical issues with trusted readings every time, even with complex measurements
• 18-function DMM including VFD mode, True RMS, LoZ, and NCV
• Thermocouple input
• View thermal and electrical thermocouple measurements simultaneously

Design and functionality vital to professionals
An all-in-one tool that’s built to last
• Built-in worklights and a laser pointer help you access difficult locations with lighting issues and pinpoint the location of the problem in the thermal image
• Simple user interface and various thermal color palettes to choose from: Iron, Rainbow, Greyscale
• Durable and drop tested to with 10-year warranty


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