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Flir GFx320 Optical Gas Imaging Camera (320 × 240 pixels)

Certified for use in an explosive atmosphere. Thermal Gas Imaging Device With GPS and Digital Camera.

The FLIR GFx320 is an infrared camera for optical gas imaging (OGI) in explosive atmospheres that
visualizes and pinpoints leaks of methane and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs), without the
need to shut down the operation. The portable camera also greatly improves operator safety, by
detecting emissions at a safe distance, and helps to protect the environment by tracing leaks of
environmentally harmful gases.
The FLIR GFx320 is used in industrial settings such as oil refineries, natural gas processing plants,
offshore platforms, chemical/petrochemical industries, and biogas and power generation plants.

Detects the following gases: benzene, ethanol, ethylbenzene, heptane, hexane, isoprene, methanol,
MEK, MIBK, octane, pentane, 1-pentene, toluene, xylene, butane, ethane, methane, propane,
ethylene, propylene.


Thermal Imaging Cameras


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