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NDB Tech SPI-III Network Phasing System

NDB Tech SPI-III Network Phasing System
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Positively identify the phases on any area of an overhead or underground network, no matter the physical distance separating it from the reference module.
SPI-III’s unique design consists of a wireless bi-module combo that is stunningly easy to configure and operate. With many advancements and innovations, SPI-III will be more
helpful than ever before, enabling field applications such as identification of A-B-C electrical phases from all 50 and 60 Hz networks, switchgear phase concordance
(matching), phase rotation, system paralleling, underground phasing applications and more.

The SPI-III wireless display unit can be strapped on the arm of the operator so that the readings
are always in sight without obstructing the view for maneuvers with the hotstick. Acquired data
saving is done at a touch of a button.

Phase measurements are quickly taken in real time as the wireless phase display module is fast
and responsive. Live measurements are made by comparing readings from the reference module
installed on a known phase A. The SPI-III time reference relies on precise GPS satellite signal
for flawless accuracy.
Considering fleet deployment? No problem; a limitless number of field units can synchronize
measurements with a single reference unit!

Using the SPI-III in underground facilities or inside concrete buildings is easily achieved even in
case of cellular and/or GPS network loss. The measurements are normally taken, and the results
will show up when the SPI-III is back to communication link.

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