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FLIR Elara FR-345-EST Elevated Body Temperature Screening CCTV

Smart fixed Mount Thermal Camera for Elevated Skin Temperature Screening

Commercial and industrial companies are prone to cluster outbreak with the recent viruses like Covid-19. Employees and visitors may carry symptoms that include temperature rise of the body. 

We know that the primary obstacle of such new systems is the time it takes to take measurements. FLIR Elara FR-345-EST is an affordable, fixed-installation and fast thermal camera for accurately measuring body temperature at medium- to high-throughput entry control points. The proper location to measure the temperature of an individual is from the canthus of the eye and FLIR Elara is designed to target this area for an accurate measurement.

Equipped with on-edge, intelligent face detection, Elara FR-345-EST issues on-screen prompts to individuals when they need to remove glasses, while also guiding them to the correct position for best measurement. The non-contact camera automatically locates and measures the inner canthus (corner of the eye) within one second and provides an instant pass/fail graphic to the individual. Integration with VMS systems further streamlines workflow and decision-making for facilities, while helping security personnel maintain a safe distance from potential health risks.


Thermal Imaging Cameras


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