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IKM Mini System for Pressure and Temperature

Calibration Test Set for Power, Oil & Gas, and Marine Applications

Our Mini test case is used to calibrate your field instruments measuring temperature and pressure, with analog and digital displays. For temperature devices, IKM Marine Test Case can calibrate thermocouples, thermistors, resistance temperature detector (RTD), pyrometer, langmuir probes (for electron temperature of a plasma), infrared thermometer, other thermometers. For pressure devices, IKM Marine Test Case can calibrate manometers, elastic pressure gauges (Bourdon tube, diaphram, capsule types), and electronic/electrical pressure transducers 

IKM models meet most applications on board Mercantile Vessels as well as Naval Vessels and mobile Offshore Drilling Units refer to pressure and temperature. Our Mini system makes it easy to adjust to the specific needs you might have on certain vessels for pressure and temperature. All Test Cases comes complete with necessary accessories.

Calibration (Temperature & Pressure)


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