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DV-Power CAT Series Handheld Circuit Breaker Analyser

Handheld Circuit Breaker Analyser for First Trip and Offline Testing

When it’s not practical to use conventional large mains powered analysers, a handheld circuit breaker analyzer and timer may come in handy. DV Power has developed a unique CAT Handheld series. It is  designed for testing of circuit breakers with one break per phase. Their compact and ergonomic design can provide a wide range of features and reliable operations in low, medium and high-voltage substations or in industrial environments.

CAT Handheld series consists of two models, CAT-P (first trip and offline) and CAT-H (offline only). Both of them have a large (5,7 in) colored touch screen display. 
Their powerful internal Li-Ion battery can provide up to 8 hours of testing without recharging.

CAT Handheld series records:

main contacts operating times,
contact synchronization,
sequence time,
resistance of pre-insertion resistors,
open and close coil currents,
main contacts bounce time,
auxiliary contact time,
DC Voltage.
Multiple operations, such as Open-Close and Open-Close-Open, can be initiated by using a predefined delay time or by triggering signals from current clamps connected to circuit breaker coil.

Both instruments display numerical and graphical results. Because of that, a user can easily overlay up to 4 records in the graphical form and make quick on-site analysis of potential defects.

Users can download test results to a PC via Bluetooth interface for more detailed analysis using DV Win software.


Circuit Breaker Test Sets


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