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DV-Power Standard Series Circuit Breaker Analyzers

Circuit Breaker Analyzers for Timing & Motion Measurements.

Circuit breakers are tested during manufacturing, commissioning or maintenance. The most basic test is contact timing measurement using a circuit breaker timer. Their primary role is timing and motion measurement of medium and high voltage circuit breakers. Devices from CAT Standard series have suitable application in:

  • electric power generation,
  • distribution system,
  • part of the electric power transmission system,
  • contractors testing,
  • and industrial environments.

CAT Standard series includes five models: CAT03, CAT31, CAT61,CAT34 and CAT64

  • Two circuit breaker analyzers – CAT34 and CAT64

CAT03 is a basic model intended only for timing measurement of main contact operations on the circuit breakers with one break per phase.
CAT31 has the possibility of circuit breaker operation initiation, coil current measurement, and auxiliary contact timing measurement.
CAT61 has the ability to measure up to two breaks per phase.
CAT34 and CAT64 have advanced features compared to CAT31 and CAT64 including analo channel measurement and motion analysis. 

Users can download test results to a USB memory stick or save it to internal memory. The CAT Standard series internal memory can store up to 500 test results (numerical and graphical data). Optional thermal printer prints test results in tabular and graphical form on 80 mm (3.15 inch) paper rolls. CAT Standard series instruments are compatible with DV-Win software. It provides full control of all CAT functions from a PC, as well as acquisition and analysis of test results.

Circuit Breaker Test Sets


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