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Ofil Rail High Speed Corona Detection System For Electric Rail Networks

Rail incorporates the DayCor® daytime corona detection technology in a ruggedized structure. It is designed for high speed automatic detection of corona & arcing, capture of videos and images, and on-the-fly reporting.


  •    A complete inspection tool with the most sensitive Visible-UV bi-spectral detection apparatus and absolute solar blind performance.
  •    Rail performs accurately and reliably in high speed of up to 200km/h, without smearing the image and with high pinpointing resolution.
  •    Positionioning and ambient condition data embedded automatically
  •    Automatic corona detection
  •    Automatic post inspection reporting
  •    Full Automatic focus for both UV and Visible channels
  •    Automatic blob counting and display for evaluation of the corona strength
  •    Automatic video recording & storing
  •    UV only, Visible only and Combined UV + Visible modes


  •    Control and manage railway reliability
  •    Streamline maintenance costs and task force
  •    Immediate results
  •    Most appropriate to evaluate washing efficiency


Railway inspection for corona and arcing is an important procedure in securing reliable transportation, where the public safety is concerned.

Corona & arcing are viewed , being an intermittent phenomenon with typical repetition rate, is tricky to observe. The faster you ride the greater is the chance to miss a problematic spot. Scanning at lower speed yields more detailed information but the covered distance will decrease. The DayCor® Rail is the solution as its high sensitivity allows data acquisition at high speeds.


Corona Cameras


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