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NDB Tech XDP-II-LT Partial Discharge Spot Meter

The XDP-II-LT is the latest product in our well-established XDP series. As its big brother the XDP-II, the XDP-II-LT is a battery-operated portable device allowing Partial Discharge detection. Paired with the proper accessories, the XDP-II-LT becomes a powerful solution for many applications such as Cable Joints and Elbows, Switchgear, Acoustic, TEV, Rotating machines, etc.
• Combined with one of our Capacitive Probes, the XDP-II-LT is the perfect tool for measuring safely and precisely PD activity in cable joints and elbows.
• Combined with our New Acoustic Converter, the XDP-II-LT allows Corona detection for overhead apparatus, Arcing detection, PD detection in Switchgear cabinets, Air leak detection, etc.
• Combined with our New TEV probe or Bi-Phase coupler, the XDP-II-LT allows maintenance and prevention on Switchgear cabinets using the VIS capacitive couplers.
• Combined with our UHF Antenna, the XDP-II-LT allows PD detection in any oil-filled transformer. HFCT clamps are also used for ground return quick testing.
• Many more applications are available. Visit our website for more details.


Partial Discharge Testing


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