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Seaward PV200 Solar PV Installation Kit

Solar PV Installation Testers

Seaward PV200 Solar Installation kit

The PV200 is a compact & cost effective I-V curve tracer that uses simple push button operation making it an efficient and versatile tester for Photovoltaic systems. 999 datasets can be stored on the instrument and once downloaded to the SolarCert software comparison to the standard test conditions can be made.

The tester measures ground (earth) continuity, open circuit voltage, short circuit current, maximum power point voltage, current and power (with AC/DC clamp). The instrument will also give you the fill factor of the PV module or system under test.

The PV200 has a separate 1kV insulation resistance test function, eliminating the need for a separate, expensive device. Meanwhile the high contrast display on the device is clearly visible in direct sunlight.

The unit can also wirelessly capture and record real-time irradiance, ambient temperature and PV module temperature from the Solar Survey 200R. Using the Solar Survey 200R your data can be converted to standard test conditions, in SolarCerts, for you to compare to the manufacturer’s published data.

These are just a few of the reasons we believe you’ll want to invest in the PV200.

Key Features:

All-in-one commissioning tests and I-V curve tracing.
Automatic fill factor calculation.
Ground (earth) continuity measurement with test lead null.
PV string open circuit and maximum power point voltage measurements up to 1000V DC.
PV string short current up to 15ADC.
PV array insulation test at 250/500/1000V.
Tests individual PV modules or strings.
Memory for up to 999 records with USB download to PC.
Instant NFC data transfer using the PVMobile app.
High contrast display, visible in bright light.

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Seaward PV200 Datasheet

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