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Sonel MIC-5 Two-pole Voltage Tester with Insulation Testing CATIV

Voltage and Continuity Testers

The MIC-5 is a handy insulation resistance meter that any self-respecting electrician can sling around his neck like a doctor's stethoscope in order to always have it at hand. The instrument allows for simple and quick insulation evaluation, checking continuity of connections and measuring voltage on the object.


Automatic voltage test up to 1000 V AC/DC
Optical indication by a LED bar
Sound indication when dangerous voltage levels of 50 V AC and 120 V DC are exceeded
RCD trip test with switchable load
Automatic continuity test upon connection to the object
2-pole test of phase rotation direction
Single-pole indication of 100 V presence
Robust, two-component housing protecting from mechanical damages and impacts
Integrated torch light for tests in poorly lit areas
IP65 ingress protection guarantees protection against dust and water
Safety provided by measuring class compliant with CAT IV 600 V and CAT III 1000 V

Insulation resistance measurement:
Selectable measurement voltage: 250 V or 500 V
Continuous indication of measured resistance
Automatic discharge of tested object’s capacitance after measurement of insulation resistance
Acoustic determination of 5 seconds time intervals that facilitates to take time characteristics during insulation resistance measurement
Measurement current up to 1.4 mA
protection against measurement of live objects
Low voltage resistance measurement in range of 0...1999 Ω
measurement with current of <10 mA with resolution of 0,1 Ω
quick acoustic signalling for circuit resistance below 10 Ω
AC/DC voltage measurement in range of 0...600 V
automatic detection of voltage type (AC/DC)
Suitable for 50 Hz and 60 Hz network.
Backlit LCD display.
AUTO-OFF function.
Built-in flashlight.
Meter meets the requirements of the standard IEC 61557-1 and IEC 61557-2.

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