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BAUR Shirla Cable Sheath Fault Location System (POPIE)

Sheath Fault Location using Step Voltage Method

The Baur Shirla Sheath Fault Location system is used for cable and cable sheath testing as per IEC 60229, as well as for pre-location and pinpointing of cable faults. The pre-location based on the measuring bridge principle according to Murray and Glaser methods, is designed especially for power cables but also enables pre-location for control and lighting cables. Null balance and evaluation take place automatically.

  Cable and cable sheath testing up to 10 kV
  Resistance measurement
  Cable and cable sheath fault pre-location with automatic precision measuring bridge
  Fault Pinpointing using the Step Voltage (POPIE) method
  Adjustable cable sections that can be defined with length, conductor cross-section and material respectively     can be considered in the distance calculation

Cable Fault Location, Sheath Fault Locators


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