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Sonel PQM 707 Power Quality Analyser

Class S Portable 3 Phase Power Quality Analyzer


• 7” touchscreen - ergonomic and intuitive graphical user interface.
• Over 10 years of recording.
• CAT IV 600 V measurement category - high safety.
• All parameters according to class S - high accuracy of measurements.
• Li-Ion rechargeable battery - higher mobility.
• Powering from measured network - reliability of measurements.
• Removable memory card - recording data with no restrictions.
• Quick setup and reporting - ease of use.
• Cooperation with desktop Sonel Analysis software - extended data analysis.

Measured Parameters:

• Inverter efficiency.
• Voltages L1, L2, L3, N, PE (five measurement inputs) – average, minimum, maximum and instant values within the range up to
760 V, interoperability with voltage transducers.
• Currents L1, L2, L3, N (four measurement inputs) – average, minimum and maximum values, current measurement within the
range up to 6 kA (depending on applied current clamp), interoperability with current transducers.
• Crest factors for current CFI and voltage CFU.
• Frequency within the range of 40...70 Hz.
• Active (P), reactive (Q), distortion (D) and apparent (S) power with the type of reactive power (capacitive and inductive).
• Active (EP), reactive (EQ) and apparent (ES) energy.
• Power factor PF, cosφ, tanφ.
• Harmonics up to the 50th order of voltage and current.
• Event logging for current and voltage along with oscillograms and half-period RMS charts.
• Energy cost calculator.
• ...and much more.
• All parameters are recorded in compliance with class S according to IEC 61000-4-30 standard

Power Quality Analysers


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